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About Joyride Tours And Travel

We organize outstanding, unforgettable gorilla trekking safaris and remarkable wildlife day tour packages into Uganda’s magnificent National Parks, Game and Forest Reserves, Ranches, Sanctuaries, cultural sites and other areas. From the vast savannahs, woodlands, tropical rainforest jungles, high mountains, lakes and rivers, the stunning beautiful landscape sceneries, diverse cultures and traditions,and the varied species of animals and birds in their natural habitats, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa gifted by nature. Come see the world’s most sought after mountain gorilla, tree climbing lions, climb the famous snow caped Rwenzori Mountain, ride along the prestigious River Nile infested with crocodiles, experience Gorilla trekking through the misty jungles of Bwindi impenetrable forest. Please take a look at a small sample of our Uganda safaris and remember that we can tailor any safari to your specific needs and budget. For more detailed information, personalized safaris and prices please contact us.


Jungle experience safaris provide first-rate services with integrity and professionalism for operating in and outbound tours successfully. Committed to serve the demands of your precious holidays with the best hospitality.


Mission of Joyride Tours And Travel is to build a global concern and positive mindset in favor of national and international tourists by exploiting the travel prospects for travelers and tourist.


Joyride Tours And Travel is a major player in providing Uganda Safaris and is trusted by many a number that have used our day tours, savannah wildlife safaris, adventurous gorilla trekking tours and romantic holiday tours. We proud ourselves in selling top destinations in East Africa but mostly Uganda Safaris, the ‘pearl of Africa’

Our History

Disney once said “if you dream it you can make it” It all started way back with my father Mr. Kimera, who was my inspiration since day one. He worked in tourism industry for some good years and he had enough experience, he would take me to different places. As if that was not enough, he inspired me to take on tourism as a course which enlightened me more about travelling and I wish I would be travelling all my life. I love to look at the map and plan for the next trip, even if there is no clear date for it.As Disney once said “if you can dream it, you can do it.” I had to put in lots of passion, believing in my dream and trusting that life will take me wherever I want. Above all, I had to surround myself with amazing team.While I was working as a volunteer guide at the zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Center) and undertaking different tourisms trainings I was chanced to associate with the friendly animals and people visiting to watch the wild animals but this wasn’t enough, I still longed to show and explore my pearl of Africa Uganda to national and international tourists. This meant to fulfill my long desired passion. I had to quit my voluntary work The fact that I was working as a volunteer guide, it didn’t mean that I had achieved my goal. It is more about doing what I love and being passionate and motivated daily. After resigning from the zoo Uganda Wildlife Education Center, I had to invest all my savings and establish Joyride Tours And Travel.